Why Sustainably Grown Food Matters

A year and a half ago, in a pre-Covid world where I traveled more than two miles from my house, I was in Santa Fe at the farmers market, looking to buy some New Mexico chili powder to bring home from my trip. I asked the farmer if the chili powder was organic and he told me that it was grown without pesticides, but wasn’t certified organic as he was too small to afford certification. He shared with me that he was passionate about pesticide-free farming as for years he at worked for a large farm and was exposed to large amounts of pesticides that made him extremely sick with cancer. The owners refused to change their farming practices even though many of the workers were falling ill. Eventually, he quit and was fortunate enough to start a very small operation of his own, one that wouldn’t kill him. I happily bought his chili powder and went on my way, but his story stuck with me.

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Minimalist Baby Wardrobe for 0-12 Months

I’ve heard people say, if you want to do something good for the environment, don’t have kids. It is true; having a kid is putting another human on the planet that will consume resources for the rest of their lives. Yet, for people who want children, having a kid is one of the greatest joys in life, so how can you do it a tiny bit more sustainably? Let’s start with baby clothes and how to go about creating a minimalist baby wardrobe, saving you money by not over purchasing and in turn, reducing your environmental impact (since the fast fashion industry is one of the leading causes of global warming).

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Why I Plan to Raise a Minimalist Child

After a childhood of hoarding every possible toy, gadget, music box, doll, hairbrush, puzzle, clothing item, and book that I could until things started to fall on me when I opened the doors to my very large closet, I came to the realization that I no longer owned these items. Rather, they owned me and I didn’t like it. The summer after college, I found myself staring with dread all of the things that I had held onto. I felt emotionally drained by having to go over the hundreds, possibly thousands, of individual items that had collected over nearly two decades in that bedroom. I worked on a little bit each day, dreading the task of looking at these items that I had deemed so important at one point. After a few weeks of attempting to de-clutter, I started to fantasize about someone breaking into my parents house and robbing us of everything in my closet that I no longer wanted while considerately leaving behind the items I still wanted. Sadly, that dream never came true and I had to face the mess I had created for myself over the course of that summer.Read More »

Optimize Your Everyday Carry (EDC) to Live More Sustainably

Optimizing your everyday carry (EDC), or the essential items that you carry on your person every day, is a hot topic these days especially in the life-hacking world. While all of us have items that we carry daily out of habit or necessity (e.g. a wallet or cell phone), many of us do not focus on optimizing all of the items that we carry on our person to meet our daily needs. I was first introduced to the concept of putting intention around your everyday carry essentials by Tim Ferriss, an author and podcast host best known for trying to optimize one’s daily routine for optimal efficiency. I quickly realized that the concept of everyday carry (EDC) is a really important tool for enabling each of us to live more sustainably. An EDC tailored to the life you lead can easily eliminate the single-use packaging that you most commonly use and reduce how much waste you generate, while simultaneously enabling you to enjoy the things you love more easily.Read More »

10 Things I’ve Changed in 2018 To Reduce Plastic Pollution

The theme of Earth Day 2018 is stopping plastic pollution. As Earth Day approaches, I see more and more people posting articles about plastic pollution, helping to raise awareness about the issues. This excites me! Awareness is the first step to solving the problem; without awareness, people do not realize that there is a problem that needs to be solved and they have no reason to take action. However, awareness without action is critical to making changes. For much of my life, I have been guilty of this because change is hard. Making changes takes effort and disrupting existing patterns. Over time, I have learned that if you are willing make something a priority and set aside a few hours to doing something about it, change will occur. Otherwise, the status quo will persist and change will remain an idea.Read More »

Buy Less, Borrow More

My husband and I left the country last August for five months of travel around Australia and Asia. Before we left, we downsized our life to fit into a 9×9 foot storage unit; it was a painful process to make thousands of decisions on what to keep and what to let go of. We spent weeks making these decisions and then went about selling and donating the hundreds of items that we let go of. Read More »