Why I Plan to Raise a Minimalist Child

After a childhood of hoarding every possible toy, gadget, music box, doll, hairbrush, puzzle, clothing item, and book that I could until things started to fall on me when I opened the doors to my very large closet, I came to the realization that I no longer owned these items. Rather, they owned me and I didn’t like it. The summer after college, I found myself staring with dread all of the things that I had held onto. I felt emotionally drained by having to go over the hundreds, possibly thousands, of individual items that had collected over nearly two decades in that bedroom. I worked on a little bit each day, dreading the task of looking at these items that I had deemed so important at one point. After a few weeks of attempting to de-clutter, I started to fantasize about someone breaking into my parents house and robbing us of everything in my closet that I no longer wanted while considerately leaving behind the items I still wanted. Sadly, that dream never came true and I had to face the mess I had created for myself over the course of that summer.Read More »

10 Plastic-Free Baby Gifts

Babies today are surrounded by plastic. Their bottles are plastic, their toys are plastic, their stuffed animals are plastic, even their blankets, lovies and clothes are plastic, made from synthetic materials. Many of these plastics that surround them come in the format of microfibers, small tiny synthetic fibers made from polyester, nylon, rayon, spandex, and Lycra that shed into our oceans. I hate synthetic microfibers with a passion (see my blog on the Plastic Pollution Coalitions website to learn more about why) and I have tried to stop purchasing items that shed synthetic microfibers. It had not occurred to me until recently that all of my own childhood stuffed animals were polyester on the outside and inside. Babies put everything in their mouths and the idea of my kid sucking on and ingesting small pieces of plastic microfibers is unsettling to me.Read More »