Optimize Your Everyday Carry (EDC) to Live More Sustainably

Optimizing your everyday carry (EDC), or the essential items that you carry on your person every day, is a hot topic these days especially in the life-hacking world. While all of us have items that we carry daily out of habit or necessity (e.g. a wallet or cell phone), many of us do not focus on optimizing all of the items that we carry on our person to meet our daily needs. I was first introduced to the concept of putting intention around your everyday carry essentials by Tim Ferriss, an author and podcast host best known for trying to optimize one’s daily routine for optimal efficiency. I quickly realized that the concept of everyday carry (EDC) is a really important tool for enabling each of us to live more sustainably. An EDC tailored to the life you lead can easily eliminate the single-use packaging that you most commonly use and reduce how much waste you generate, while simultaneously enabling you to enjoy the things you love more easily.Read More »

Join the Litterati Movement

I lived in the Presidio in San Francisco for six years, a former military base turned national recreation area right next to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful place to live, full of meandering trails, dense eucalyptus groves, and more often than not, small pieces of litter that had either been dropped or escaped people’s trash cans, blown by Read More »