Why Sustainably Grown Food Matters

A year and a half ago, in a pre-Covid world where I traveled more than two miles from my house, I was in Santa Fe at the farmers market, looking to buy some New Mexico chili powder to bring home from my trip. I asked the farmer if the chili powder was organic and he told me that it was grown without pesticides, but wasn’t certified organic as he was too small to afford certification. He shared with me that he was passionate about pesticide-free farming as for years he at worked for a large farm and was exposed to large amounts of pesticides that made him extremely sick with cancer. The owners refused to change their farming practices even though many of the workers were falling ill. Eventually, he quit and was fortunate enough to start a very small operation of his own, one that wouldn’t kill him. I happily bought his chili powder and went on my way, but his story stuck with me.

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