Affiliate Disclosure is a passion project and is personally funded by Kara Allen, the author of the blog. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links to of which Allen receives a small commission from sales of certain items. The goal of using affiliate links is to help me cover part of my costs of hosting the website at no cost to you. The way it works is simple: I post a link to a product on Amazon that I would have recommended to you regardless, you purchase it from Amazon at their standard price, and Amazon pays me a small percentage of what you paid for sending you their way. If you can buy the products that I recommend at your local store and none of my readers ever buy from Amazon, that’s even better for the planet (since no shipping materials are being incurred) and I’ll happily bankroll this entire blog myself! However, not all of you will live in areas with access to all of the products that will help you reject plastic and so you may need to order things online and deal with the one-time packaging they come with in order to reduce your future packaging consumption more dramatically. Why did I pick to partner with Amazon? Most of my friend and family have an Amazon Prime membership and do most of their shopping with Amazon. Also, in full disclosure, my sister-in-law works at Amazon and told me about the affiliate program (which she is not involved with), which gave me the idea to join to cover the costs of the blog. Allen is not paid for any of her reviews. If any products are sent to for review by a company, the fact that they were sent by the company will be disclosed in the individual blog post and the product will be reviewed with rigorous scrutiny as though the author, Kara Allen, had paid for it herself.