Hello! My name is Kara and my goal is to inspire people in our busy world to pause, be mindful about the trash they generate, and focus on making small lifestyle changes that will make a big impact on the environment over time. My blogs are inspired by small changes that I have made in my life, or those that I’ve seen others do successfully and I am in the process of adopting myself. Each blog will share not only ideas for how to adopt new sustainable lifestyle habits, but also the reason on why you should consider changing your behavior because change is hard and I know you’ll need some solid motivation to build new habits! I advocate making a few small changes at a time and once those are routine, adding in new ones, because you cannot change the world overnight and you cannot be expected to change all of your habits instantly either.

The idea for the My Eco Legacy blog came about while I was traveling around Asia in 2017. I became distressed at how much plastic trash I saw generated by my fellow travelers that local communities were not equipped to handle. I encountered beaches covered with plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, candy bar wrappers, styrofoam, and cigarette butts, and was warned by locals not to swim in the water due to the pollution. I smelled burning plastic regularly in Bali and Nepal, and the noxious fumes it produces are something you don’t want to smell more than once. Yet the local families breathe it daily, because a lack of trash service in developing nation means the only way to dispose of plastic is to burn it. Plastic trash is not just a problem in developing nations; near Hong Kong, an extremely modern city with excellent trash services, I explored a quiet island with my husband and when we saw an empty beach from afar, we went to relax on it only to find it covered in trash that had washed onto the shore from the ocean. This also happens on Baker Beach in San Francisco, my hometown, although the particles of styrofoam there are smaller and tend to blend in better with the seashells on the beach, so it’s less obvious at first glance than it is on the beaches in Asia. Trash on Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Several months into traveling, I realized that I had two options:

  1. I could continue to get upset and feel helpless about my inability to influence the choices made by the other seven billion other people on the planet.
  2. I could try to help a few people make small changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle and hope that in turn, those people will inspire others around them and that overtime, sustainable lifestyle choices will become more common and our world will be better for it.

I chose the later and opted to write a blog as a way of connecting with a larger audience. One person making a change has little impact; but when many of us make the same changes, it creates a cultural shift and the impact can be massive. If you are hoping to make changes in your life to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and minimize the trash you generate to leave our planet in a better place for future generations, please subscribe to my blog for easy tips on how to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle! I encourage you to comment on my posts to let me know what worked for you and what challenges you have faced in changing your habits. Together, let’s make a difference.